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Missions and pioneering core ministry team

Our movement values the foundation of new churches as a priority. Switzerland, Asia, Africa and the Near East are main focus areas. For this objective, people shall be mobilised, trained and sent. This applies anew and specifically for Switzerland. We encourage and support local churches in launching new congregations, which are understood in an integral sense: God's salvation apply for the whole human being as well as in all areas of society.

Old mission – new orientation

The paradigms which the core mission is based on 

  • Missionaries work in the same way in foreign countries as they have learnt in their Swiss churches. Pioneer work abroad must therefore have its roots in a strong movement of pioneering movement here in Switzerland.

  • The growing number of foreigners in Switzerland and in Europe has contributed to the fact that mission is no longer defined geographically (foreign countries), but by its content (unreached). This is why evangelism and innovation should be emphasised again, as well as the penetration into new areas, where God's Kingdom is not yet visible.


A final note regarding a mission on the move

Many missions organisations have specialised on specific core tasks (for example medical care) or on certain countries (for example Near East). Through a close relationship with the local churches, our movement has the opportunity to focus on people and to accompany them over years, to promote and to shape them as missionaries. If, in the future, church planting becomes standard again, it will be an ideal training environment for future missionaries. In other words, it requires direct responsibility in the mobilisation, training, sustained guidance and support of the local churches with the implementation of their mission.


Another point is that missionaries, when they return home, often bring much potential, so that they can serve the movement with their experiences. Even if they are burnt out, they should be able to count on the necessary support of our missionary movement. BewegungPlus has a lasting interest in not only the expertise, but also in the welfare of its missionaries.



Who is a missionary?

According to the New Testament, missionaries are God's "messengers"

Generally speaking, the geographic line for a definition of a missionary was determined as follows: outside Switzerland, one was a missionary, but not within Switzerland. Today, this understanding is no longer relevant. "Go ... in all nations" now begins right on your doorstep. All of us are sent and have the missionary mandate to reach people of all races – Swiss and foreigners, neighbours or co-workers on the job, in Switzerland or in foreign countries. The new orientation of BewegungPlus shall contribute to support churches in the Romandie and in German-speaking regions of Switzerland and to offer opportunities for ministry.


Founding new churches in Switzerland

Switzerland - a mission field

Although 39% of the Swiss pray daily, only 10% go every week into a church event (survey of Olivier Favre). The 1500 evangelical free-churches total 150 000 members, which is exactly 2,1% of the population. Moreover, our country is a patchwork of many, often isolated ethnic groups. Together with the language, music, culture, hobbies and clothing also play a substantial role to create their identity. Innovative ideas are needed in order to reach Swiss and foreigners with the gospel. Let me give an example: a group of young women, calling themselves "Soul sisters", invite other young women in Zurich to give them tips about make-up and kickboxing exercise and help them to experience what God can do in their life.


BewegungPlus – a colourful "bunch of people" with one goal

Toni Nyffenegger, the long-time leader of the movement, has encouraged a climate of appreciation towards each other and of innovation. Many styles have their place. BewegungPlus wants to initiate the founding of ten new churches in Switzerland by 2010. This goal should encourage pioneer works as they have happened through the 1980's pioneering movement.


The church planting core ministry team

  • ensures the coaching of the new founded churches
  • gives guidance in case of possible new church planting initiatives
  • organises inspirational meetings with the BewegungPlus pioneers
  • offers education and training centers, as for example in Winterthur, to benefit from the experiences of pioneer Johan Oelen in an intercultural environment.


Church foundings through the Cluster

The national board decided in 2007 that "each cluster carries along the goal of church founding and determines a contact person. The board does not want to apply any undo pressure, but rather to invite active support of our common goal: For God's sake, Switzerland should be penetrated with more alive and vibrant churches…"


What has already emerged, what is still to be done?

The movement is grateful to God for the new churches in Laufen and Schwyz. There are additional church planting initiatives among the teenagers of the hip-hop scene in Wankdorf/Bern and among bikers in the Burgdorf area. Groups of Iranians, Afghans, Indonesians and Latinos work in partnership with BewegungPlus churches in order to reach their own people. Through these activities, not only people from their own ethnic groups come to faith, but Swiss people as well.


What takes place here is described in the AGIK (association for intercultural cooperation of the Swiss Evangelical Alliance):

"Swiss and foreigners spread the good news among Swiss citizens and foreigners in Switzerland"

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