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Statement of faith

Our statement of faith

We trust in the Bible as being God's Word: It is essential for our lives. We believe:


1. God is the Creator, sustainer and accomplisher of all life. He meets people as their Father, as His Son Jesus Christ and as the Holy Spirit.


2. Human beings differ from all other creatures in their need for loving fellowship with God. However, this relationship was shattered through human guilt and godlessness.


3. Jesus Christ has provided salvation for all people through his life, his death on the cross and his resurrection. Everyone who believes in Jesus Christ no longer fears death and judgement, but will live eternally with God and even now experience God's transforming power.


4. At Pentecost, the Holy Spirit called the Christian Church into life. Since then, the Church's job is to relay the good news of Jesus Christ to the entire world through word and deed.

5. Christians live in the hope of the second coming of their Lord, a new creation and eternal life with God.


In the link below, we provide a more detailed statement of our foundational beliefs and information about our faith for the members of our churches as well as other interested readers. In contrast to the above noted brief statement of faith, in which we stress, what connects us to Christians around the world and that nothing can be taken away from them, this document provides a detailed commentary of the foundational beliefs of the BewegungPlus, which shape our identity and diversity.  

Statement of faith of the Swiss Apostolic Church (BewegungPlus) in German: 

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